...the Space of The Unknown, holding the Knowledge of Everything.

Through neutral mind and guided by the pure consciousness of our True Self, we have the capacity to access Akasha.

The ancient discipline of Kundalini yoga gives humanity tools for establishing connection with the Unlimited Divine Self by developing inner balance and intuition.

We live at the dawn of the Aquarian Age and have been gifted with millenniums-old Teachings compiled and shared with us by Yogi Bhajan. They have come to light again, to serve the needs of our times and for the purpose of recognising the gift to be born on Earth, with all opportunities it offers us. It is about conscious experience of life that keeps us on the path of awakening and allows our Soul to live its destiny.

Precisely defined combinations of simple techniques, Kundalini yoga kriyas develop within the practitioner a special sensitivity to the subtlety of all existence.

We can free our selves from the grip of fate and our habitual behaviour to become masters of our own destiny.


Sat naam





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Amrit Nam Sarovar


"Akasha" is a member of the Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) family - a unique yoga school with main base in the French Alps and centers all around the world. The Founder of ANS is Karta Singh - inspiring spiritual and yoga teacher of a great caliber. He travels around the globe to share The Teachings and support the seekers to find their true selves and unfold the destiny of their Souls. Professional team of highly trained teachers keeps the Spirit of ANS alive in Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and South America. The teaching "style" in Amrit Nam is unique with the humour and at the same time the depth of its touch.

Along with the workshops that began in Bulgaria in 2009, from 2015 the school will offer Teacher Training Level 1 and other programs in the country through "Akasha Kundalini Yoga". Information about the current courses and workshops of ANS at large can be found on the school web page amritnam.com.

"Akasha" will be working closely with some of the communities in Greece too.


Sat Naam