An ancient science about the behaviour, awakening, control and application of the kundalini energy, Kundalini yoga works towards achieving union of mind, body and spirit, of the Individual and Divine Consciousness (yoga from the root "yuj" meaning to connect, to unite). Kundalini is our own creative potential, sleeping dormant in the base of the spine for most of us and usually perceived solely as a sexual energy, manifested as a sexual drive. In reality, this is the only fuel that can feed our upper glands so that we, the spiritual beings, can re-connect to the Divine Consciousness while experiencing the human body.  

With the help of Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini yoga has crossed the borders of India in late 60's to come to the lands of the Western World. The practices are based on specific sets of exercises called kriyas (kriya = action) and offered to us by Yogi Ji. The discipline encompasses all the aspects of yoga (as described in the shastras) and that is the reason for it's fast powerful effect, compared to exercising the parts separately as in other popular in the West yoga types.   

The techniques of Kundalini Yoga are available again now, when the pressure of time is falling upon us in its full extreme. Abrupt changes in the reality around us lead to stress levels rising higher than ever. In this situation strong nervous system, stable psyche and flexible mind are needed more than ever. It is important to establish ourselves in the right attitude to withstand the weight of this transit into new ages. Through regular practice of Kundalini yoga kriyas, pranayam, meditation and chanting of powerful mantras we achieve balance in our nervous and endocrine systems and develop consciousness and sensitivity adequate with the Universal evolution. 

This Raj Yoga (raj = king) is a science for purification of the psyche that takes us to the unlimited source of energy and knowledge. The way of applied consciousness creates equilibrium within our being and with the surrounding environments. It helps to recognize the nature of duality, to unite polarities and distinguish many different levels in our existence, to reach beyond and experience the Universal Oneness.