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From 11 June 2015 the studio is on summer leave!

Regular classes will run again from September - please check for updates.

Wonderful summer for ALL!


Love and Light






From 07.03.2015


Spring time retreat with Kundalini Yoga and Tai Dzi

30 April - 3 May 2015

"JOY" family estate, Gorsko Kosovo Village, Bulgaria


A gathering in May for refreshing and elevating the spirit activities in "JOY" estate.
Three days for charging with pure energy through active rest in the Balkans' outskirts, immersing in the silence of the countryside, food prepared with love, supported by practices of Kundalini Yoga and Tai Dzi.


To see more please go to Retreats:





From 27.01.2015

New spacious room for practices in Sofia!

On 27 January 2015 "Akasha" has opened doors of a new 50 sq m room for practices. We have been blessed with the opportunity to expand and include in our space a school of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other martial arts with inspiring professional trainer Biser Petrov.

Location - 9 SlaveykovSquare, Sofia 1000.

From February we will offer Kundalini and Hatha yoga classes there. Information will be posted.

With love




On 17.10.2014

14 - 16 November 2014

"JOY" family estate, Gorsko Kosovo Village, Bulgaria


More in Retreat.





From 17.10.2014


In Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on 25 - 26 October 2014


With great delight, we would like to share the new doors open!

"Ananda Yoga" studio in Plovdiv has offered space for Kundalini Yoga. The series of workshops about the 5 Tattvas (5 Elements) will begin this autumn with the Air element. The workshop will take place on 25 - 26 October 2014, two consecutive classes in the weekend.

An inspiration or may be provocation with some new concepts - the experience is worth it!


(This flyer is in Bulgarian language, if you need translation - please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!)

With love and blessings!





From 13.10.2014

Along with the workshops that began in 2009, from 2015 "Akasha Kundalini Yoga" will offer Teacher Training Level 1 and the program "Awakening of the Self" as part of the Amrit Nam Sarovar Kundalini yoga school. Some more information about the school:


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Chanting Guru Ram Das - 10 years since Yogi Bhajan has left his physical body.

On 7 October we will do a special sadhana dedicated to the anniversary. We start with Jaap Ji at 5:30 am (Bulgarian time) and continue with 5:50 am Guru Ram Das Guru mantra for 31 minutes, followed by 62 min "Long Ek Ong Kar".

With all our love!


From 17.08.2014

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation retreat

Halkidiki, Greece, 23 - 28 September 2014


Please, feel invited for a beautiful experience on Halkidiki peninsula in Greece!

A quiet secluded bay will be our place, with host Kopsis Beach Hotel - a small, run with love hotel by the sea -

Our practice will be moderate and the classes will happen in the early morning hours at sunrise and in the evening at sun set.

There will be plenty of time for your own personal care!

Here is your inspiration!





The cost of €230 per person includes 5 nights (sharing) in a double room with breakfast, 18 hours of  Kundalini yoga and time for private consultations.


With love




From 23.05.2014

"Ego places a veil between the aspirant and the process of learning. When one becomes egocentric he isolates himself and thus is not able to communicate with his teacher and conscience and doesn't follow the instructions of the teacher. Such an ego needs immense austerities and modifications, without which all knowledge drains away."


From 05.05.2014

Akasha has planned another long weekend for cleansing and recharging in our favourite Gorsko Kosovo! The dates are 30, 31 May and 1 June 2014. We will meet for lunch in the early afternoon of 30 May (Friday) and the program will start with yoga at about 16:00 h. Thus we can have 3 strong practices and 2 full sadhanas for the days.

The topic is still completely Unknown :) (Akasha) and soon there will be an official invitation.

Please look for updates and plan your dates if there is a desire to participate in those special moments!


With love




From 26.03.2014


We are very happy to announce that our modest studio will be joined by another level 2 qualified (and certified by KRI) experienced teacher!

Tsveta (Dharam Dharshan Kaur) has lived for over 17 years in Amsterdam and has now returned to Bulgaria to serve the teachings in her own land. She has studied her level 1 in The Nederlands and level 2 in Amrit Nam Sarovar in the French Alps ( More about her can be seen in the Akasha/Profiles directory of the website.


This is NEW program in the studio:



And we also would like to bring your attention to the forthcoming retreat in Gorsko Kosovo village - please see section Retreats for details!








On 24.02.2014


FROM 26 FEB TO 11 MARCH THERE WILL BE A BREAK IN THE CLASSES SCHEDULE due to traveling and participating in the Outrech training in France.

The program will renew on 12 March 2014.




On 19.02.2014

Weekend retreat 4 - 6 April 2014 - Gorsko Kosovo village!

The season of workshops and outdoor events is here. The first retreat with Akasha Kundalini yoga  will be hosted by "Zhar" family estate in a small village Gorsko Kosovo near Veliko Turnovo (

This will be the second meeting with the family that is devoted to organic and self-sufficient life style.

The gathering will be focused on experiencing and understanding  the daily spiritual practice called Sadhana. The classes will be accompanied by walks in the nature, talks and delicious food made of products produced naturally by the hosting family.

For information and inspiration, please refer to our Retreats section.


Thank you!





On 13.01.2014

The new studio of Akasha Kundalini in Sofia has opened on 11 January 2014. Wahe Guru!

An intensive yoga practice has been held to charge the space - thank you all beautiful souls for your contribution!

We can be found at "Knyaz Boris I" Street 75, Sоfia centre, the entrance is from "Denkoglu" street. For schedule of classes please see classes section.

In case of translation needed - please do not hesitate to contact us!


More classes are hosted by "Amara" yoga & wellness studio located on blvd. "Vitosha" No 45. Please check our classes section for details.





"...June, July, August, September - a summer of incredible events and experiences which left a deep trace in my soul.

A trace that will never fade away...


I was blessed to spent three months in Le Martinet - the heart of the school Amrit Nam Sarovar in the mountain forest of the French Alps.

Close to the Guru, in the embrace of Nature and inspiring meetings, a time of transformation took place.

Strong earth, mountain river, burning fire, pure air and unlimited space - Le Martinet."

L. A. K.


Now we are surrounded by the picturesque autumn of Bulgaria - warm colours, continuation and new opportunities.


As our intention is ever stronger, we have moved here, to support the young shoots and prepare the land for wider sowing next spring.

With Guru's grace, we intend to open a net of regular classes in majour cities in Bulgaria. Classes, offering the energy of Kundalini yoga as given by Yogi Bhajan and delivered by Karta Singh and his school Amrit Nam Sarovar.


The first steps have been made - few classes a week are already taking place in Sofia and Varna.

Investigations about more new venues are constantly undertaken.

Workshops and few classes have been organised for Varna, Burgas and Sofia - those will take place between 14 and 19 November 2012 and in the very begining of December.


And we are very grateful to all the lovely souls who helped with the organisation of the upcoming events - Wahe Guru!


It's never too late to begin!

Wahi Guru Ji KaKhalsa

Wahi Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


With love and blessings,

Sat Naam







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